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System requirements and troubleshooting
System requirements and troubleshooting

Review our system requirements and troubleshoot common issues

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System Requirements

  • Mac | OS 10+ | Latest Safari (11.0+), Chrome and Firefox Browsers

  • iPad | iOS 9.3.5 and above | Latest Safari (11.0+), Chrome and Firefox Browsers

  • Windows | OS 7+ | Latest Chrome, Firefox and Edge Browsers

  • Chromebooks | Latest Chrome Browsers

Zinc Reading Labs is not supported on Android tablets or devices at present. As we optimize the app for a tablet experience, we will update our support list.



  1. Make sure your browser (from the list above) is up to date

  2. If the browser is up to date but you're still having issues, try clearing your cache & cookies

  3. Restart your device

Skills/Close Reading Experiences

  • Close Reading Experiences are not currently supported on iPads.

  • On the highlight exercises, some partially correct answers are being interpreted as incorrect.  For now, please offer your students encouragement that their responses are indeed valid.  We're working to make the app better at acknowledging variations of responses that are, pedagogically, acceptable.

  • On less current browser versions of Safari and Chrome, the app does not perform well (i.e. videos don't load smoothly or the simulation gets stuck altogether).  We recommend using the app on the most current versions of Chrome and Safari while the app is optimized for older browser versions.  

Still having trouble?

Send us a message using the Help Center beacon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, or email us at

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