Every day we scour diverse online magazines and news sites for the best content, picking real world texts from major publications. We find the freshest, most thought-provoking pieces to engage students across reading levels and interests. We tag articles by level, length, topic, reading skills, and state standards, allowing teachers and students to find content meeting their individual needs.

Articles & comparison articles are searchable by:

  • difficulty level

  • reading time

  • a variety of topics and genres to engage every student

  • state standards

  • categories for commonly taught texts

Articles & comparison article quizzes require students to make a prediction before multiple choice options are revealed. This is an embedded test preparation strategy that allows students to thoughtfully consider what their answer would be without the influence of the multiple choice answers.

Once students make a prediction and choose a multiple choice option, correct and incorrect answers are explained for self-guided learning.

Here's how students make predictions to unlock their multiple choice options:

Here's a video showing how you can check a student's predictions to make sure they're taking them seriously:

Here's a little video about why we ask students to make predictions as they take their quizzes to show to your class: https://zinclearninglabs.wistia.com/medias/sk99bay7tl

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