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Create a class and add students
Create a class and add students

Create a class and add students manually or using a bulk uploader

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SpringBoard, Google Classroom, and Clever Users:

All other users:

Create a Class

  • To create a class from your teacher account, go to the Admin tab and choose to Create Class. 

Add Students

  • Once you are in your newly created class, you can then add in your students’ emails to add them to the class using the Add Students button. You can also copy the class code that’s generated and give that to your students, so they can register themselves at

Bulk Uploader Option

You can also use the Bulk Uploader feature, designed to facilitate quick and seamless creation of your classes and rosters. Using a custom CSV upload, you will be able to create new classes and add students to them en masse. 

Please note: Teachers can create multiple classes, and students can be in more than one class

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