Archiving classes

Details on what happens when classes are archived

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Why are my classes being archived?

Direct Login Users (you sign in with an email address)

At the end of your license subscription (usually during the summer if you are a teacher at a school), Zinc automatically archives class data.

SpringBoard Users

SpringBoard manages and automates the archival process on their end. Your classes will only be archived if/when SpringBoard initiates the process, typically because you or your school administrator communicated that request to SpringBoard directly.

What archiving classes means for you

Archiving classes means that after a specific archival date, student data from the past year will be accessible, but removed from your main dashboard, so that your new classes are easier to view.

There are three main areas where you will see the impact of archiving:

  • Admin: Archived classes no longer appear

  • Assignments: Once the course is archived, you can click on the Archived Classes tab to access archived class assignments

  • Reports: After archiving has taken place, you can still access reports on those classes. Click on the Reports tab at the top, View All Reports, and then check the box in the top right hand corner,  "Show archived class data". Use the dropdown box in the reporting area of your choice to choose the class you want to review.

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