Class administration

Details on how to carry out basic class administration tasks

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NOTE: If you use SpringBoard or Google Classroom to access Zinc, all class administration changes should occur in your SpringBoard or Google Classroom rosters, not under Manage Classroom in Zinc. Zinc will directly reflect your SpringBoard/Google Classroom rosters.

Class administration under the Admin tab

When you first navigate to the Admin page, there are several actions you can take:

  • Create a new class

  • Delete a class

  • Search your class list

Editing a Class

Once you've found the class you want to edit, click on the class name to enter the class page.

Use the Edit link to:

  • change the name of a class, or

  • add a co-teacher from your school 

If you are adding a co-teacher, they must already be registered as a teacher at your school for their name to appear on the list of options.

Editing student information

When you enter the class page, there will be a list of students that are in the class. On the last column of each student's row, you have links to the following

  • View the student's individual report

  • Reset the student's password (Only for users from schools who sign in via email on Zinc. Not applicable for SpringBoard, Classlink, Clever)

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