Class Report

This report shows each student's current Zinc Level and latest assessment details. To monitor growth over time, click "Show History" to display a student's previous Zinc Levels. Check when you'll be able to assign a new Placement Test by looking at the date in the "Next Assessment Available On" column. (see note below)

Printing the Class Report

You can use the browser's Print option to print a class report

Student Report

View a student's current Zinc Level as well as their growth over time. If you've ever manually overridden a student's Zinc Level, this will also be reflected in the Student Report.

Next assessment available on:

NOTE: A student can take a new assessment three months after completing one. You'll see see these words in the reports:
— The student can be assigned an assessment now.
Oct 14, 2019
— The student will be eligible for a new assessment on Oct 14, 2019.
— The student is currently completing an assessment.

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