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How it works: Making predictions
How it works: Making predictions

You must make a prediction before you can unlock your answer choices on Article Quizzes. Here's why.

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If you'd like to learn why it helps you to make predictions in Zinc, please watch this helpful video!

Making predictions before answering a multiple choice question is an important part of Zinc-ing. Taking time to form your own answer before seeing the options helps you in many ways, both inside and outside Zinc.

Completing a prediction in Zinc is simple. First, read the question. Consider what the answer will be. If you need to, you can always look at the article again.

Click on the text box and type a few words about what you think the answer will be. It doesn't need to be detailed or a complete sentence. The most important part is thinking it through.

When you finish your prediction, click the "Submit and Unlock Answer Choices" button.

Read over all the answer choices and compare your prediction to them. Do any of them match your choice? Do you see a stronger answer? Select the answer you believe to be correct. Remember, you can always go back to the article.

Remember, you don't have to be right on your prediction. You can even change your mind once you see the answer choices. The goal is for you to thoughtfully consider the question!

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