Level Placement Reports

Track Level Placement test progress and see results.

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Class Report

This report shows each student's current Zinc Level and latest Level Placement details. To monitor growth over time, click "Show History" to display a student's previous Zinc Levels. Check when you'll be able to assign a new Level Placement by looking at the date in the "Next Level Placement Available On" column. (see note below)

Printing the Class Report

You can use Print button to print a class report

Exporting the Class Report

You can use Export button to export a class report in CSV format

Student Report

View a student's current Zinc Level as well as their growth over time. If you've ever manually overridden a student's Zinc Level, this will also be reflected in the Student Report.

Next Level Placement available on:

NOTE: A student can take a new Level Placement three months after completing one. You'll see see these words in the reports:

  • Availableβ€” The student can be assigned a Level Placement now.

  • Oct 14, 2023 β€” The student will be eligible for a new Level Placement on Oct 14, 2023.

  • TBD β€” The student is currently completing an placement test.

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