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Getting Started with Class Codes
Getting Started with Class Codes

How to invite students to join your class using a Class Code.

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Teachers who roster with Zinc directly can create new classes and use Class Codes to easily invite students to their classes. If your classes are already created, you can find an existing Class Code for inviting new students to your class.

Creating Classes and Getting Class Codes

Once you've registered for your own teacher account using your School Code, you can start inviting students to join classes using a Class Code.

In the top menu, click "View Classes & Reports" and then "Manage/Upload Classes."

This will take you to the Manage/Upload Classes page. To start your first class, click the green "Create Class" button.

Type in the requested information for each of your classes. Every class you create will have its own unique Student Sign Up Code. 

Give your students the Class Code for their class.

Students will register by filling in the fields here:

A few notes on the student registration form:

  • The school name will populate automatically.

  • Students may choose to register with an email address OR a username.

    • If students choose to register with an email address, Zinc will email the address given to confirm its accuracy. Students will then need to confirm their email account by opening the email and clicking the link.

Once students have registered (and confirmed their email, if an email was entered), they may log into Zinc using their email or username and password.

Finding Existing Class Codes

If you need to see a class code for a class you've already created, just return to the Manage/Upload Classes page by clicking "View Classes & Reports" in the top men and then "Manage/Upload Classes." The page will show the class codes for all of your classes. From here, you can also make changes to your rosters, such as adding or removing students.

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