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Remote Learning with Zinc
Remote Learning with Zinc

How to Keep Students Learning Beyond the Classroom

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Schools across the globe are closing their buildings and shifting instruction online in order to slow the spread of novel coronavirus.  We put together this short guide to help you with the transition to remote instruction. Zinc offers you a tool for quick and easy differentiation and customization, while providing ample text and vocabulary resources that align easily with your existing curriculum.

Try for a mix of shared experiences and automated, differentiated practice.

  • Zinc Reading Sprints are an ideal solution to keep your students progressing while working from home. A 3-week Comprehensive Reading Sprint can serve as a reading skills boot camp, differentiated to their ability level.

  • Assign an article to your entire class. Have them play the associated vocabulary game, read the article, and complete the quiz. Then, use the writing prompt as the basis for a class discussion or short essay assignment. Don’t forget about Zinc comparison quizzes!

  • Close Reading Exercises can provide detailed, specific close reading instruction while giving students instant feedback on their ideas. These independent activities are a great way to keep students learning and practicing new skills while at home. They can also serve as an excellent class discussion starter.

  • Coordinate Zinc work with the novel or play that you’re reading in class. Are your students reading To Kill a Mockingbird while learning remotely? Assign chapter-by-chapter vocabulary games to support their comprehension. You can also search for relevant articles to help give the story historical and cultural context.

Track progress, get feedback, and iterate.

  • Use Zinc Reports and the Reading Sprint “View Progress” feature to keep your students on track. 

  • Check in. Find out what’s working and what’s not. Then adjust. You and your students are embarking on this new venture together. 

Have questions along the way?

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