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Vocabulary with Spanish Supports
Vocabulary with Spanish Supports

Your English learners can practice their vocab with Spanish support

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Some vocabulary sets have Spanish supports. This means that students practice these English words with the help of definitions, synonyms, and example sentences in Spanish. They play all four modes within the vocabulary game: Sentence, Definition, Synonym, and Image. The vocabulary word remains in English throughout the activities. 

Study Time

Synonym Mode

Finding Spanish Sets

You will begin to see more vocabulary sets available with Spanish support, including many of the Article vocab sets. For Fall 2020, all SpringBoard vocabulary will have Spanish support. You can identify vocabulary sets with Spanish translations by the "ES" icon, as seen below. This indicates that all vocabulary words in the set have Spanish support.

Assigning and Differentiating with Spanish Supports

When assigning a set that has a Spanish support option, you can assign it to your class or to individual students. 

If you're assigning the set to an entire class, you can differentiate for students who benefit from Spanish support by checking the "With Spanish Supports" box. The rest of your class will receive the assignment in English.

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