The new Reading Sprint Report gives teachers an easy way to grade students' Reading Sprint work while tracking their progress. To view which articles, vocabulary sets, and Close Reading Exercises each student has been assigned, simply click the green "View Progress" link.

Where to find it

You'll find the New Reading Sprint Report on the Reading Sprints page. To access a class's Reading Sprint Report, click the green "View Progress" link.

How to use it

Use the green tabs ("Overall," "Week 1," "Week 6," etc.) to navigate the report.

  • Overview: see students' Pre- and Post-Sprint Level Placement results, their average scores on Close Reading and Articles so far, and their overall completion rates

  • Pre-Level Placement: See who has yet to complete their Level Placement or if the Reading Sprint is using the student's most recent Level Placement level to assign activities. You'll also be able to check completion dates and levels earned.

  • Week 1-3 or Week 1-6: Track completion of weekly assignments and view scores. Click "View Progress" to see the titles of the Close Readings and articles each student is assigned over the course of the Sprint.

  • Post-Level Placement: See who has completed the Post-Sprint Level Placement, when they finished, and if their reading level changed during the course of the Reading Sprint.

Note: The partially-filled circle icon indicates an assignment that is in progress, but not yet complete.

Individual Sprint Report

During a Reading Sprint, students work on activities on their own level. This means that different students in the same class may be working on different activities. To view which articles and Close Readings each student in your class is working on, click the green "View Progress" link.

To view individual activity reports for score breakdowns, click "Report."

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