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What is "Activate Pronouns"?

Students are asked to track pronouns back to their antecedents in order to follow what’s going on in the text. Basic pronouns like, “she,” “he,” or “they,” are covered, as well as pronouns like “it” or “this” or “that” often get overlooked.

What to Expect

Most students tend to spend between 20 and 40 minutes completing this section, with a small number of students finishing in as few as 15 minutes or as many as 50 minutes.

In Activate Pronouns, students are asked identify pronouns and track them to their antecedents, often by dragging and dropping a word or phrase onto another. At times, they will see other students' description of what happened in the text and need to select the correct one.

Preview Levels

Note: These links represent the first round of each level. If a student misses two or more questions on the initial round, they will move onto the second round before leveling up. If they miss two or more questions on the second round, they will move on to the third round. If they miss two or more questions on the third round, they will then level up.


Advanced Ignition

Activate Pronouns Video

Activate Pronouns Resources

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