What is "Navigate with Transitions and Punctuation"?

In a text, writers give signals to guide readers through layers of meaning. Navigators come in the form of punctuation, signal words, and asides. For example, "however" is a signal to expect a contrasting layer of information, whereas a comma or a colon may signal us to expect an explanation.

What to Expect

Most students tend to spend between 30 and 40 minutes completing this section, with a small number of students finishing in as little as 25 minutes or as many as 50 minutes.

In Navigate with Transitions and Punctuation, students are asked to identify words, phrases, and punctuation that the author is using to help readers navigate their meaning. They will identify navigators and the effect the use of them has on understanding the text.

Preview Levels

Note: These links represent the first round of each level. If a student misses two or more questions on the initial round, they will move onto the second round before leveling up. If they miss two or more questions on the second round, they will move on to the third round. If they miss two or more questions on the third round, they will then level up.


Level 1 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/135/preview

Level 2 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/138/preview

Level 3 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/141/preview

Level 4 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/144/preview

Level 5 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/147/preview

Level 6 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/150/preview

Level 7 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/153/preview

Advanced Ignition

Level 4 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/277/preview

Level 5 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/280/preview

Level 6 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/283/preview

Level 7 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/286/preview

Level 8 https://games.zinclearninglabs.com/r/crg/passage/288/preview

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