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Ignition Reports: How do I track progress and grade Ignition?
Ignition Reports: How do I track progress and grade Ignition?

Learn about Ignition progress and time-on-task reporting

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There are two reports associated with Ignition: the Ignition Report shows student progress and the Time-on-Task Report shows how many minutes per day students spent on Ignition.

Find the Ignition Report

You'll find the Ignition Report on the Ignition page. Find the class or student you assigned Ignition to, then click "View Report."

Read the Ignition Report

See an overview of which skills your students have started, completed, and struggled with. Then, click the student's name to get level by level details.

Use the key to find out if:

  • Your students struggled on a particle skill or level (3 or more attempts)

  • Your students have completed their required levels (light green)

  • Your students are currently working on a level (yellow)

  • Your students have completed a bonus level (dark green stars)

Make note of a student's initial Level Placement, then track their progress as they move through their required levels. A red circle may indicate the student needs further attention in the skill area.

Once your students complete their final Level Placement, you will be able to see if they improved. Here is a breakdown of what Zinc levels mean.

Find the Time-on-Task Report

You'll find a link to the Time-on-Task Report on the Ignition Report page. Click it to view your students' time reports.

Read the Time-on-Task Report

Use the dropdown to select the week you'd like to see time data for, then use the Export function if you'd prefer to download a .csv.

Note: Times in this report do not reflect time spent on Level Placements. Also, if a student opens an Ignition task, then takes a bathroom break, that time will be reflected in the report.

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