What is Advanced Ignition?

Advanced Ignition follows the exact same steps as regular Ignition and covers the same skills. However, the texts uses in Advanced Ignition are more complex and challenging than those used in regular Ignition.

What students will get Advanced Ignition?

Teachers get to choose whether students who earn a Level 4 and above on the initial Placement Test should receive Advanced Ignition, or if it should only go to students who earn a Level 5 and above.

In general, we recommend that middle schoolers who score a Level 4 do regular Ignition, while high schoolers who score a Level 4 do Advanced Ignition.

Placement Test Outcome

Regular Ignition

Advanced Ignition

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

teacher selection

teacher selection

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Sample Passages

Regular Ignition

After the dance, back at camp, he ate fry bread with too much butter and drank a Pepsi just pulled from the cooler. The Pepsi was partly frozen and the little pieces of ice hurt his teeth.

- "All I Wanted to Do Was Dance" by Sherman Alexie

Advanced Ignition

A flush came into the sky, the wan moon, half-way down the west, sank into insignificance. On the shadowy land things began to take life, plants with great leaves became distinct. They came through a pass in the big, cold sandhills on to the beach. The long waste of foreshore lay moaning under the dawn and the sea; the ocean was a flat dark strip with a white edge. Over the gloomy sea the sky grew red. Quickly the fire spread among the clouds and scattered them. Crimson burned to orange, orange to dull gold, and in a golden glitter the sun came up, dribbling fierily over the waves in little splashes, as if someone had gone along and the light had spilled from her pail as she walked.

The breakers ran down the shore in long, hoarse strokes. Tiny seagulls, like specks of spray, wheeled above the line of surf. Their crying seemed larger than they. Far away the coast reached out, and melted into the morning, the tussocky sandhills seemed to sink to a level with the beach. Mablethorpe was tiny on their right. They had alone the space of all this level shore, the sea, and the upcoming sun, the faint noise of the waters, the sharp crying of the gulls.

They had a warm hollow in the sandhills where the wind did not come. He stood looking out to sea.

- Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence

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