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  • Level Placement: Students will take a Starting Level Placement before Ignition and an Ending Level Placement after they complete all five skills. These usually take students between 25 and 50 minutes. Remind your students to try their best!

  • Surveys: Students will take a short survey about reading at the beginning and the end of Ignition. Their results will not be shared with teachers, but Zinc will use all the data to help make Ignition more interesting, effective, and targeted to the students who are actually using Zinc.

  • Skill Videos: You'll watch a video explaining each of the five Ignition skills before you start the level. You can rewatch the videos if you need a reminder while you're making your way through your required levels.

  • Advanced Ignition: The same Ignition skills, but with more challenging, complex passages.

  • Required Levels: Depending on your score on the first Level Placement, you will be required to complete a certain number of levels for each skill before you can move onto the next skill.

  • Bonus Levels: These are the extra levels that are not required for each skill. Tell your students to see how far you can go! Or have students who finish early work on bonus levels.

  • Rounds: Each of the five skills has seven levels. Each levels has a maximum of three rounds. To move onto the next level, students must complete a round without getting a question wrong. (Note: almost all questions allow students to guess incorrectly once or twice before counting it incorrect.)

  • Mastery: After students complete the first three skills, they will do Zinc-ing Mastery. It will allow students to show what they've learned so far. Then, after they finish the fourth and fifth skills, they'll do Tracking Mastery to show how much they learned.

  • Passages: Students will read the text on the left side of the page, then answer the questions about them. If they try to rush through it, they will be asked to slow down so they can really understand it.

  • Highlight: Some questions will ask students to highlight words or phrases. This tool works differently than other highlighting on the internet. To highlight a word on Zinc, click the word you would like to highlight. If you're highlighting a phrase, choose one word in the phrase and click it. Zinc will highlight the whole phrase for you.

  • Drag and Drop: Use the cursor to drag a word or phrase in the passage onto another word or phrase.

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