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New Students and Existing Zinc Assignments
New Students and Existing Zinc Assignments

New students don't automatically receive ongoing and past Zinc assignments.

Written by Ryan
Updated over a week ago

As the teacher, you are the one who knows best for your students. In order to give our teachers the most control, Zinc does not automatically apply past class assignments to new transfer students.

When you receive a new student in your class, decide which ongoing and past Zinc assignments they need to complete. For instance, you may want to assign them a 3-week Reading Sprint if the rest of the class is in the middle of a 6-week Reading Sprint. Any assignments will be listed separately on the Assignments page, but new students will be present in any class Reports you generate on the Reports page.

Please keep in mind that new students may not have taken a recent Zinc Level Placement. If this is the case, Zinc will ask them to take a Level Placement when assigned Ignition or a Reading Sprint.

We hope this is helpful for welcoming new students to your classes. If you have any issue adding a new student, or if you have any other questions, please contact Zinc Support. They are there to help!

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