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Assign vocabulary sets
Assign vocabulary sets

Assign vocabulary sets to students

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How to assign vocabulary sets

Use the Vocabulary tab to navigate to vocabulary sets. Once you find a set you want to assign, simply click the Assign button.

A box will pop up, allowing you to:

  • Choose to assign a vocabulary set to an entire class, or individual students

  • Leave a note for students about their assignment

  • Indicate whether an assignment is for use in class or meant for homework

When you move on to Assignment Options, you have a two choices:

  • Same settings for all students, or

  • Different settings for different students

Within the settings options, you can make decisions about assigning with Spaced Repetition, forcing students to restart the deck each time they make a mistake, enabling a timer, or assigning Spanish Supports, if available.

Assign with Spaced Repetition: Vocabulary decks will be assigned multiple time to students and will lock up at certain intervals according to Zinc's Spaced Repetition approach.

Unchecked "Force student to restart deck after incorrect answer": 

  • If the box is unchecked, it is also known as "Fast Mode", an alternative to our classic gameplay mode which is easier for students at first, and becomes progressively more challenging

  • The word bank is open by default

  • Students aren't required to restart a game if they get a single question wrong; rather, they can keep going until they get all right.

  • Point accumulation is diminished (students score 60% of what they would if they played classic mode, or both boxes unchecked) 

Timer: Students play vocabulary assignments with time restraints

Assign Spanish Support Option: If translations are available for the words on Zinc, you have the option to provide Spanish Supports for your English Language Learners.

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