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How it works: spaced repetition
How it works: spaced repetition

How spaced repetition works for vocabulary sets

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Spaced Repetition

Memorizing a word ONCE rarely leads to retention, so Zinc ensures that students retain new words by using spaced repetition for non-article vocabulary sets.

This means:

  • Students learn and get quizzed on each word multiple times over a period of time

  • In total, over a two month period, students get six exposures to each Zinc word

  • Each exposure (viewing/assessment of word comprehension) consists of two or more gameplay modes (i.e. image, sentence, synonym, definition) to keep the experience lively

  • To facilitate long term memory, the time between exposures increases

  • Students must wait the prescribed time before playing the next exposure

Below, find a chart that tells you when the students will ‘unlock’ the next exposure.

Vocabulary Exposures

Students playing our traditional vocabulary decks are exposed to the same words six times over the course of two months. This ensures that they have truly learned the words by the end of that time period. 

To keep them on the path to mastery, when students play a newly unlocked exposure within three days, they receive 2X or 3X BONUS POINTS!

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