Lift Off

Get ready for Lift Off, Zinc's new auto-leveled and choice-based experience!

Updated today

We're excited to introduce our newest feature, Lift Off, now available for all Zinc users!

With Lift Off, you'll grow your students’ independent reading habit with a four-week, auto-leveled, and choice-based experience. Check out the video below to learn more.

How is Lift Off different from Reading Sprints?

Reading Sprints focus on leveled practice, but students lack control of the texts they read. Taking the best aspects of Reading Springs, Lift Off provides more options for teachers and greater freedom of choice for students, as well as keeping students on track with the motivational elements they love from Ignition, including badges and points. Reading Sprints will be phased out in early 2024.

How does Lift Off work?

Assigning Lift Off

Teachers start by customizing the four-week Lift Off workload for the whole class or individual students. Choose how many articles to assign each week and whether to include vocab and close reading experiences weekly or every other week.

Student Activities

Students start at their most recent Zinc Level [link to level chart] if they’ve taken

a Level Placement this school year or last. All other students will take a Level Placement. Lift Off automatically differentiates batched activities for students over four weeks. Students then complete each week's activities at their own pace.


Students choose topics and texts that interest them to encourage reading enjoyment and cultivate a positive independent reading habit. Lift Off gives students the option to choose texts that are slightly harder or easier than their level to promote interest-based reading.

Points & Badges

Students are rewarded for their effort, progress, and achievement by accumulating points and earning specialty badges. At the end of Lift Off they'll receive a customized book recommendation based on their interests.

We're excited to share this new Zinc tool with you. Thank you for your interest in Lift Off!

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