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Register for Zinc via Clever
Register for Zinc via Clever

How to use the single sign-on app Clever to access Zinc

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Special Note:

Clever Login is NOT available for SpringBoard users.  If you are a SpringBoard user, please refer to *these steps* to register for Zinc.

New District/School (no existing Clever account)

There are several single sign-on applications that schools use to integrate with and access educational apps. Zinc Learning Labs is listed in Clever's app gallery.  

If you are interested in utilizing the single sign-on app Clever for your district or school, but don't have an account yet, it is easy to sign up:

  • Coordinate with your district to sign up for a Clever account:

  • After you fill out the form, Clever's District Success team will be in touch with you to discuss next steps

  • If you need further assistance, send us an email and we can make a direct support request to connect you with their team for help with the Clever onboarding process

Existing District/School (have a Clever account already)

Already have Clever single sign-on set up with your district or school? Here are the steps to access Zinc from Clever:

  1. Find Zinc on the Clever Applications Gallery:

  2. Install or Request authorization to add Zinc

  3. Zinc will approve the request once received

  4. For more, please see detailed instructions from Clever

  5. Establish data-sharing permissions

  6. Set a launch date 

New Teacher/Student Account Setup

Once the integration has launched, Teachers can login to Zinc in a couple of ways.

Login from Zinc:

Login from Clever:

  • Go to your portal page (under ‘Applications’ for Teacher; main login portal for Student)

  • Launch the app

Class/Roster setup

Once a Teacher logs in, their data will be available and they can get started on Zinc right away.  Any adjustments to data on Clever will be automatically updated on Zinc.  

Ongoing Data Sync

Zinc will poll Clever every five minutes and post any available updates to Clever data in Zinc.

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