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Vocabulary point system
Vocabulary point system

Get details on how students can accumulate points by learning vocabulary

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Students accumulate points as they read and learn vocabulary, and bonus rounds encourage them to keep playing.

Vocabulary Points Guide

Students receive a base of:

  • 2 points for vocab words answered in image mode

  • 3 points for vocab words answered in synonym mode

  • 5 points for vocab words answered in sentence and definition mode

Note: Students only receive points the first time they get a vocabulary question correct in any given mode, even if they encounter the word multiple times during the mode. 

Word Bank Penalty

Every time a student uses the word bank (available in Sentence and Definition modes), they receive only 60% of the points which they would otherwise have received. In other words, clicking on the word bank tab penalizes the student by 40%.

Speed Completion Bonus

If a student answers correctly within five seconds or less, their score is multiplied by 1.5.  

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