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Create your own vocabulary set
Create your own vocabulary set

Details for how to make your own customized vocabulary deck.

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To create a customized deck, click on the Vocabulary tab and find the Create New Set button. 

You will need to enter some basic information about the set before you can add words, including a title, grade levels, category, description, and image to identify the set.

Choose whether you want to paste in text for Zinc’s system to pull words from or simply type in the words you want.

When you paste in a text, we put the highest priority words first until we reach 50 words total. If you’re not getting all of the words you want from your text, you may want to try pasting in a shorter section. Our system knows over 6,000 words, so most of the ones you’re looking for should come up!

If you can't find a particular word for your set, use this form to specify which words, parts of speech, and specific meanings you'd like us to add to our system.

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