How long does Ignition take?

Figure out timing before assigning Ignition

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Ignition’s duration varies somewhat from student to student, depending on their pace and how much practice they need.s a general estimate, we recommend allocating in-class or homework time to Ignition for three to five weeks.

Here’s a rough sense of the time commitment to complete Ignition (300 minutes):

You are the expert on how Ignition will work best in your classroom, but there are a few use cases in which Ignition works especially well.

Use Ignition for:

  • Daily “do now” for 20 minutes, allowing the teacher to circulate and help students one-on-one or in small groups.

  • As practice in combination with direct reading instruction. For example, teach a reading skill, have students work on Ignition for 30 minutes.

  • Homework or remote work assigned either with a specific number of on-task minutes per day (50 minutes twice a week) or class-wide milestones due at the same time (everyone finishes Use Your Senses by Friday).

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