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How does Ignition fit in with other Zinc features?
How does Ignition fit in with other Zinc features?

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Ignition teaches reading skills, Close Reading Experiences review reading skills, and articles (with paired vocab) provide an opportunity for students to practice reading skills.

We recommend jumpstarting reading growth at the beginning of the year or semester by assigning Ignition, then providing ample leveled reading practice using Zinc Reading Sprints.

Reading Sprints automatically assign leveled Close Reading Experiences and articles with paired vocabulary games and quizzes. Assignments go out to student dashboards each Monday for either four or six weeks. Just like Ignition, Reading Sprints end with a Level Placement to help track reading growth.

Similarly, you can integrate Zinc into your curriculum by searching for vocabulary sets and articles that support the novels you’re teaching in class. For example, before reading the novel, assign articles to provide important historical or genre context. Then, before each chapter, have students familiarize themselves with challenging vocabulary words. Follow up the novel with more relevant articles to create connections for classroom discussions or essay writing.

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