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Why did Zinc create Ignition?
Why did Zinc create Ignition?

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We created Ignition because we often hear from middle and high school teachers that they need more resources for teaching reading comprehension. Struggling students need to be able to read grade level texts, and all readers should be prepared to access college-level texts. We have identified four key skills that we've found have the biggest impact on reading comprehension:

  • Use Your Senses: tapping into sensory words and phrases

  • Make it Real: connecting real examples to abstract ideas

  • Activate Pronouns: tracking who is doing what in each sentence

  • Navigating with Transitions and Punctuation: following the signals and layers authors create to make meaning

Our shared goal - among Zinc, teachers, and students - is reading comprehension growth. We believe that by meeting students where they are, and guiding them at their own pace, Ignition can make a difference.

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