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Level Placement Sample Passage - Level 1
Level Placement Sample Passage - Level 1

See what a Level 1 passage looks like on the Zinc Level Placement Test

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  • Level Placements consist of a series of short passages and multiple choice comprehension questions

  • As students progress through a Level Placement, the passages become more challenging

  • Level Placements range from 25 to 35 questions with 10 to 14 short passages

  • Level Placements take roughly 30-50 minutes to complete

  • If more than one Level Placement is assigned over the course of a school year, students will not see the same Level Placement passages repeated

This is a Level 1 difficult sample passage. It does not show up on any of our live Level Placements.

In this fictional passage, the crew of a starship is discussing a problem.

"But, Captain! We don't have enough escape pods for the whole crew." A great silence fell across the bridge* of the Endeavor. In the corner, the first commander began to cry softly. Someone else kicked a chair, which made a dull sound. Outside, you could see bolts of light and bits of rock racing past the windows at high speeds. Doom* was certain. All hope was lost. "Wait a moment," spoke a small, clear voice. Every member of the crew turned toward the sound. In all the confusion, they'd forgotten that officer Hao-Lin had brought her daughter onto the deck. Little Hiro was small, even for her age. Her mother reached a protective hand in her direction, but the little girl had already stood up and was walking straight toward the main computer.

* bridge: the place on a ship from which the crew steers the ship and makes decisions
* doom: death or destruction

1: The crew on the Endeavor is upset because

a. they are in danger and need to get off the ship. (correct)

b. everyone is annoyed that a child is with them.

c. the crew members can’t control their tempers.

d. it’s hard to see what is happening outside.

2: How does the narrator describe Hiro?

a. Small and shy

b. Nervous but wise

c. Little but confident (correct)

d. Silly but smart

3: What happens after the crew loses hope?

a. Bits of rock start breaking apart the ship.

b. Hiro comes up with an idea to fix the problem. (correct)

c. Hiro programs the computer to save them.

d. Hao-Lin asks her daughter to help.

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