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Use filters to view SpringBoard content
Use filters to view SpringBoard content

Learn how to use our filtering options to find SpringBoard curricula-related content

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Article filter options

You can sort articles by a number of different criteria:

  • reading time

  • a variety of topics and genres to engage every student

  • state standards

  • content categories for commonly taught texts - particularly SpringBoard Units

  • search keywords and terms

Filter to see SpringBoard ELA articles content

To see SpringBoard specific ELA articles content, click on the Content Categories dropdown menu. Then, hover your cursor over the SpringBoard Curriculum Support section to see content sorted by grade and unit.

Vocabulary filter options

You can sort vocabulary sets by a number of different criteria:

  • Grade level vocabulary sets

  • Novel/literary

  • Curriculum support (SpringBoard, Core Ready)

  • ELL and support

  • Spanish language ELL

  • Subject area (including U.S. History, Global History, AP Computer Science, Biology)

  • Test prep (including Power SAT/ACT sets)

  • ...and more!

Filter to see SpringBoard ELA vocabulary content

To see SpringBoard specific ELA vocabulary content, navigate to the Vocabulary page and click on the Browse by category dropdown menu. From there, you can click on the SpringBoard option to filter for SpringBoard specific vocabulary sets.

Notes from SpringBoard

All SpringBoard users have access to Zinc Learning Labs, where teachers and students can find a huge library of reading material chosen specifically to align with the SpringBoard English Language Arts curriculum.

Zinc offers students:

  • Fresh and engaging nonfiction and fiction content for independent reading.

  • Interactive games, quizzes, and tasks that build skills and confidence.

  • Freedom of choice: Zinc's massive and ever-growing library means that all students should find texts they want to read.

Zinc offers teachers:

  • Alignment to SpringBoard unit themes: Teachers browse by unit to find companion articles to the texts they're using in class. Teachers can then assign the articles to the class. Teachers can even select vocabulary sets that are aligned to unit texts.

  • Standards alignment: Quiz questions are aligned with state standards so teachers can easily target specific areas.

  • An easy way to find the content they need: Teachers (and students) can filter articles and vocabulary sets by level, length, topic, reading skills, and state standards.

  • Detailed reporting based on results of Zinc's auto-graded quizzes.

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