How to Navigate Zinc

Tips for navigating the Zinc app and locating its key features and options: profile and class management, activities, leaderboard & reports.

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Once you login to the Zinc app, you'll find key navigation elements of the site in the header:

Click the dropdown next to 'Dashboard' to expose Zinc's features and options:

The icons on the top right of the navigation bar offer quick links to view Classes, access Help, view Notifications and access your Personal Profile.

In the previous design, we referred to our Close Reading feature as 'Skills'.  This page has now been renamed 'Close Reading Exercises' in the new site options folder. 

Navigate the Zinc Dashboard

The Zinc Dashboard offers quick means for teachers and students to access or manage assignments and browse Zinc content.

For Teachers, see below sample dashboard view:

If you're new to Zinc or want a refresher on how best to use Zinc's activities, click the "How to Use Zinc" toggle on the right side of the dashboard.  

For Students, the new Zinc Dashboard is similarly easy to navigate.  Students will see their most recent assignments be easily able to navigate directly to each.

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