Easily find your favorite activities at a later date

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You can bookmark Zinc Articles, Close Reading Experiences, and Vocabulary Sets that you want to assign later. Bookmarked activities can be found under the My Bookmarks tab on the Assign page, as well as the My Bookmarks tab on each of the activity pages.

How do I bookmark an activity?

 While browsing Zinc, click the white and yellow bookmark icon. It will turn yellow. Then, you'll be able to find the activity at a later time under My Bookmarks.

How do I access my bookmarked activities?

Click through a carousel of your bookmarks on the Assign tab of the home page until you find the one you'd like to assign.

Or find the My Bookmarks tab on the Articles, Close Reading Skills, or Vocabulary pages.  

How do I remove an activity from My Bookmarks?

Simply click the yellow bookmark icon again, and it will go from yellow back to white. It will no longer be available in My Bookmarks on Zinc.

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