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What is "Use Your Senses"?

In Use Your Senses, students are asked to start by finding words they can easily picture when reading challenging texts, and actually “experiencing” these words in their head. They should use all their senses to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell the sensory details in the text.

Great writing expands the reader’s experience with key images. More advanced readers will work with key images, picturing them and noticing the thoughts and feelings they conjure. To appreciate and enjoy advanced texts, readers must find and open these gifts.

What to Expect

Most students tend to spend between 30 and 50 minutes completing this section, with a small number of students finishing in as few as 20 minutes or as many as 60 minutes.

In Use Your Senses, students are asked to highlight the words or phrases in the text that they can easily Use Their Senses with: images they can visualize, scents they can imagine, etc. At more advanced levels, students will identify key images in the text, then think about what thoughts and feelings are elicited in the reader.

Preview Levels

Note: These links represent the first round of each level. If a student misses two or more questions on the initial round, they will move onto the second round before leveling up. If they miss two or more questions on the second round, they will move on to the third round. If they miss two or more questions on the third round, they will then level up.


Advanced Ignition

Use Your Senses Video

Key Images Video

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