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What is "Make It Real"?

Many abstract words do not make images in our minds. Readers easily overlook those words and miss critical information. In “Make It Real,” students are asked to make abstract terms real to their own relevant example. 

For example, Shakespeare says, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Actually think of another name. Would the rose’s smell change if we called it “Steven"?

What to Expect

Most students tend to spend between 30 and 50 minutes completing this section, with a small number of students finishing in as few as 20 minutes or as many as 70 minutes.

In Make It Real, students are asked to highlight abstract words or phrases in the text, then think about their own examples to help them understand better. They are presented with ideas from other students and must identify which examples are the best fit.

Preview Levels

Note: These links represent the first round of each level. If a student misses two or more questions on the initial round, they will move onto the second round before leveling up. If they miss two or more questions on the second round, they will move on to the third round. If they miss two or more questions on the third round, they will then level up.


Advanced Ignition

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