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How to Delete or Cancel Assignments
How to Delete or Cancel Assignments

Which Zinc assignments can be cancelled and the process to do it

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If you'd like to cancel an assignment made in Zinc, here is what you need to know. Let's look at how to cancel assignments and which assignments cannot be canceled. We'll also discuss Level Placements, which are a special case.

How to Cancel Assignments

Article quizzes, vocabulary games, and Close Reading Assignments (CRE) can be deleted. Once a student starts one of these assignments, it can no longer be canceled.

To cancel an assignment, go to the Assignments page from your Zinc Dashboard.

Here you will see all of your assignments. If you'd like to narrow down your selection, click on the drop-down menu and choose the appropriate class.

To cancel an assignment for an entire class, click on the small trash can to the right of the assignment.

Cancelling an assignment sent to an individual student works the same way. Click the trash can to the right of the assignment.

If an assignment was made to an entire class, you cannot delete it for individual students. You can cancel the assignment for an entire class and then assign it to specific students.

Assignments that Cannot Be Canceled

Because of the way some Zinc resources work, not all assignments can be deleted. Zinc Ignition, Lift Off, and Reading Sprints cannot be canceled. If you decide students do not need to complete one of these assignments, please communicate this with them. Students will need to ignore the assignment on their dashboard until it goes away on its own.

Level Placements

Level Placements are a special case. Level Placements cannot be canceled, but they can be reset.

Since Level Placements are meant to work as an assessment tool, Zinc normally limits how often they can be assigned. But if a teacher decides that the test was not taken correctly, we can manually reset the test for individual students.

Just contact us through support chat (the blue bubble in the bottom right of the web page) and let us know you'd like to reset a Level Placement. Please include the names of the students, as well as their email (if available).

Here to Help

Thank you for using these Zinc resources in your classroom. If we did not answer your question about how to cancel an assignment, we are here to support you.

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