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New Transfer Students and Zinc
New Transfer Students and Zinc

Here's what you need to know to welcome new students to Zinc.

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Your class rosters rarely stay exactly the same for the entire school year. When you're helping a new student get settled, we want to make the transfer as easy as possible. Here's everything you need to know to get your new student started in Zinc.

How to Make New Students Appear in Your Class

The method for adding new students to your classes will depend on whether your Zinc classes are tied to another system like SpringBoard or Google Classroom, or if you access Zinc directly.

If you access Zinc through SpringBoard or Google Classroom, any class changes are tied to those rosters. It's important that these rosters are accurate, and you'll need to make sure any new students are present there. If any students are missing, please contact the person in charge of your rosters. Once your rosters are accurate, you can speed up the data transfer process by refreshing the classes yourself. This article explains how to refresh your classes.

If you access Zinc directly, you have two options for adding new students to an existing class. First, click My Zinc in the top menu and then Manage/Upload Classes. From there you can access all of your existing classes. Once you click on a class, you can add students by clicking Add Students or you can share the class code with your student. If you decide to share the class code, new students will need to click on My Zinc and then Classes. From there, they just need to click on Enter Class Code, enter in the code you shared, and then click the Join button.

New Students and Existing Zinc Assignments

As the teacher, you are the one who knows best for your students. In order to give our teachers the most control, Zinc does not automatically apply past class assignments to new transfer students.

When you receive a new student in your class, decide which ongoing and past Zinc assignments they need to complete. For instance, if your students are in the middle of a four-week Lift Off, you may ask a new student to self-select the appropriate number of articles each week.

For assignments you would like them to catch up on, you may assign them directly to the new student. Any individual assignments will be listed separately on the Assignments page, but new students will be present in any class Reports you generate on the Reports page.

Please keep in mind that new students may not have taken a recent Zinc Level Placement. If this is the case, Zinc will ask them to take a Level Placement when assigned their first Ignition or Lift Off. If they have taken a Level Placement, that Level will carry over into your class.

We hope this is helpful for welcoming new students to your classes. If you have any issue adding a new student, or if you have any other questions, please contact Zinc Support. They are there to help!

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